My name is Alan Maguire, I am 69 years old, retired in 2015.  I’m a” Baby-boomer”, born in Iran in 1947, grew up in Zambia, university in Cape Town, BSc in Industrial Psychology, married and 4 years working and hitch-hiking around Europe, back to South Africa for a “proper job” in Human Resource Management. 2 kids – daughter and son. Then mid-life crisis. Packed in the job, started a Management Consultancy focused on Service Excellence. Not content with that, started an Outdoor Adventure company and a Publishing company. In 2006 formed a Partnership as a Business Coach, working with young Entrepreneurs to help them establish and grow their businesses. Divorced and re-married, step-father and a grand-father.

Now a Retirement Coach working with people going into retirement and facing old age. Living in Kalk Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. Developed The Elders Journey after realizing that there is very little information about the psycho-emotional impact of retirement and old age.