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Starting your Journey - Eldering in Retirement

This Module introduces the concept of Eldering and suggests that the value that Elders bring is essential to the well-being of society. Related to that is an examination of what it means to be an Elder.

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Module 1.0 - Beginning with an Ending

All Transitions follow the same pattern; first there must be an Ending. The way things are, the way things have been done, the way you have been up till now, must come to an end. Without that ending there can be no transition – just more “same old, same old”.

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Module 2.0 – Going Within - Contemplation

The intention of contemplation is to help you quiet your mind and to allow your thoughts to grow. It can be used to consider any and all, aspects of your life, but will be used here to help you become mindful of the transition you are facing. We would hope that you will make it as much a daily habit as brushing your teeth.

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Module 3.0 – A New Beginning (My Vision for my Retirement)

This part of the Journey looks at different Elements of a happy, fulfilling retirement. Each Element poses questions and makes suggestions for what you could consider. This is your opportunity design the retirement you want.

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