Finding purpose in Retirement

Living on purpose :

When you are living “on purpose,” you are consciously in touch with your  talents, skills, gifts, strengths and values. Living with intention requires  time for introspection, thoughtful reflection about your life and the ability to  move forward using this knowledge. Once you are knowledgeable about these  aspects of yourself, you are then ready to move into the decision-making process  about where these parts of yourself can best be expressed. Is there a cultural  problem, cause, new career, etc. that is calling you to exercise all of those  countless gifts you possess?

Finding your purpose

Having a purpose in life will give your life meaning no matter what life  stage you are in. Take the time to reflect on the following questions:

1. Sit quietly and reflect on your talents, strengths and skills. Write them  down. Ask those you love and trust to reflect on what they experience with you  and give you feedback about your gifts.

2. What issues, social challenges or causes in your environment, your life or  the world stir passion and interest where you can use your gifts and talents  discovered in #1?

3. Can you develop a plan that will be focused on implementing action towards  this purpose?

4. What kind of support do you need to move forward?

5. How will you know that you are on the right journey for you?

In creating a purpose-filled retirement, remember that your retirement will  be unique just as your goals, passion, and reason for being is unique. You may  choose to incorporate some aspects of retirement living that your friends and  family enjoy, but it is your purpose that should be the deciding factor.

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