A New Beginning (My Vision for my Retirement and old age)

Key Concept

This part of the Journey looks at different Elements of a happy, fulfilling retirement and old age. Each Element poses questions and makes suggestions for what you could consider. This is your opportunity design the post-retirement life you want.


A purposeful, happy and fulfilling retirement and old age is dependent on all aspects of your health. This module helps you to define, what you want in each of those aspects.


My Vision for my retirement and old age

Take a look at the Mind Maps and the Worksheets you completed in previous Modules. Use your thinking there to help you answer the questions about your vision for retirement. Then in the next 7 Modules we will look in detail at some of the issues you need to get sorted to give you the energy and freedom to do the things you want to do.

It’s important to realise that things are changing as you get older – so consider what some of those changes might be.

Living your Purpose

We'll start by looking at the purpose you could fulfill – at what would give your retirement years meaning.

When your retirement and old age is driven by your sense of purpose it takes your attention away from the fears we all have about getting old. Many older people spend hours each day worrying about their health and it creates a “self-fulfilling prophecy” – you saw in the module on My Body and the World within how your emotions impact on your mental and physical health.

When you focus on your Purpose, your health becomes a means to an end – not the end itself!

So then, to fulfill your purpose, what are you going to do to take care of your health – in all its forms?


Module      Making a Difference in Retirement  

Module      My Physical Health

Module      My Mental Health

Module      My Sexual Health

Module      My Financial Health

Module      My Social Health Combating Loneliness – Where to Live, Friends and Family

Module      My Intellectual Health Broadening Horizons – Travel, Education, Volunteering

It would be possible for you to complete each of these Modules in a few hours. However, you’ve learned some very valuable Contemplation skills – so bring those skills to bear on each of the "Healths". Drop each health into your unconscious and let it lie there. (If you try to hurry things, all you are doing is bringing that health into the conscious mind and you know the trouble that that can get you into!)

Above all else, we want to Achieve Happiness.

Discussion Assignment – My Vision for my Retirement

What do you want your retirement and old age to look and feel like?

What could get in the way of your Vision?

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The key to a fulfilling retirement is to have a sense of purpose - a reason for getting up every day. So what is going to give your retirement years meaning?


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