Letting Go

Key Concept

Old beliefs, patterns of behaviour and assumptions could hold you trapped in your past. So it’s important to bring them out into the open and look at what is working for you and what is not.


After having completed this module you will have identified what you need to let go as you move ahead in your life.

Letting Go

There are 2 parts to Letting Go (probably lots more, but let’s not get too complicated). Complete the 2 Worksheets, but don't be in a hurry. Let your thoughts brew a little; consider each question, discuss them, play with the questions. Some of the things will be easy to let go, others will be very hard – but just being aware of the baggage you are carrying is very useful.

One of the things you can do is to think about some of the older people you know and look at some of the habits and behaviours that get in the way of them having a full and rewarding life.


Letting go of old patterns

  • Jack Nicholson can get away with being a grumpy old man – but is that what you want for you?
  • Picky-picky – won’t eat this, won’t drink that!
  • Does dinner time really have to be at 6 o’clock – every day?
  • And although your ex-colleagues said you should pop in anytime – they actually mean “just once”!
  • So let  go of your attachment to the office and the past

Discussion Assignment – Letting Go

What will be my biggest challenges in letting go?

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This 2nd phase of transition is a period of quiet contemplation. A time to still the chattering monkey in your mind and to listen to your intuition.

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