Doing the Paperwork

Key Concept

There is always a huge amount of paperwork that must be dealt with when someone dies. You can save your family and beneficiaries a great deal of time and energy by getting it all sorted out now.


On completion of this module you will have a properly prepared Will and you will have prepared a detailed account of all your assets, contacts, passwords and private information.

Your last Will and Testament

If you already have an up to date Will – congratulations. If not, it is essential that you draw one up or make sure it is up to date. If you have a large, complex estate, you will need an attorney to help you prepare it. If you have a limited estate, complete this Last Will and Testament. With it, there are instructions on how to draw it up and how to lodge it with an attorney or other trusted person.

Organise your finances and important papers

The more organized you are, the easier it will be for your surviving spouse or family to sort through the many challenges they will face, whether it involves real estate, taxes, car loans, etc. List all of your bank account numbers, locations of safety deposit boxes, insurance information and all other information pertinent to your finances. Get information about any outstanding debts, as creditors will need to be informed when you die. This should include real estate and any valuable collections you own.

Create a document outlining funds in each bank account, including access codes (e.g., PIN numbers, usernames, passwords, etc.). Make a note of any valuables you have - such as jewellery. Place this information in a safe place but leave its location with a trusted family member or attorney. This will make it much easier for family to carry out your wishes after your death.

Passwords, Electronic Media, Subscriptions, Club Memberships

If you have a website, a Facebook page, e-mail groups, newsletters, or other electronic media applications give your password(s) to your family so that they can deal with them later.

If you have subscriptions to magazines, memberships to clubs, etc, make sure the details are available so that they can be cancelled after you have died.

Put all your important details in one place. Go to Important Details and fill in as many details as posible.

Specify any information / instructions that aren’t covered in your Wills or in the “details” document – perhaps where documents are lodged or where valuable items are stored.

You can also use the Preparing for my Death Worksheet to specify details of your Executor and some of your Key wishes.

Discussion Assignment – Completing the Paperwork

What other “important information” do you suggest others include in their document? Every person’s situation is unique – but a piece of information that is specific to you may “ring a bell” for someone else.

Other Information that should be included

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Our lives contain all kinds of “unfinished business” – family feuds, friends you’ve lost contact with, things you wish you had said / wish you hadn’t said. All of these need sorting out – getting complete.

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