Maintaining Sexual Health

The Facts about Senior Sex (gotta hate being called a Senior – oh well!!)

If you are approaching retirement, you may be comforted by the fact that seniors can continue to enjoy a healthy and exciting sex life.  Contrary to popular belief, senior sex is alive and well.  In fact, most individuals in relationships over 50 view maintaining a satisfying sex life an important part of the senior age.

  • An important fact when it comes to sex and aging is that retirees health is more important than age.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re 25 or 65, you can still enjoy sexual activities.  Senior research reveals that men and women over 50s to early 70s experience only a slight decrease in sexual activity.  The main reason for a declining sex life is poor health.
  • As they age, men may suffer from erectile dysfunction and older women may begin to experience vaginal dryness.  Fortunately, more physicians are focusing on a patient’s current health condition, rather than age when treating sexual problems.
  • When you look at issues involving sexuality over 50, many women tend to outlive their sexual partners.  Statistically, women live longer than men.  Therefore, they may find that their sex life is declining because of the death or failing health of their sexual partner.
  • Men will often readily purchase medication to improve sexual function.  However, they may be much less inclined to discuss any sexual problems with their family physician.  Women are even less likely to address sexual issues with their doctor.
  • A common myth is that older individuals don’t wish to discuss sex.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Seniors are often just as willing to openly discuss any sexual issues as younger individuals when given the opportunity.

If you are a senior, you should be encouraged by the fact that you can still enjoy a very healthy sex life as you grow older.  If you experience a loss in sexual function, make sure to discuss the issue with your doctor.  If you remain in good health, you can continue to enjoy a satisfying sex life at any age!

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