How has the material impacted on your preparation for retirement?

(C N) It’s recapped on concepts that I have previously encountered (I still work with a Coach). It’s given some things labels e.g. I have not been thinking about my “passion” per se, and it has helped me define my retirement vision much better.

(M R) It has made me focus on areas that I otherwise would have neglected. Although I am 10 years into partial retirement, I can see the gaps that I had and which I can now try and close.

(W L) It was instrumental in me taking a look at what I have done with my retirement so far and thinking about a few adjustments re health, giving back and planning a bit more for the things that are important to me … focus on travel, family & friends, even fun events need to be initiated …

Any other general comments?

(C N) The programme is an excellent one and perhaps one that I would like to do fully, all the sessions. I do think that Citadel’s use of this programme could add an important dimension for their clients. It helped me to fully compile a detailed vision for retirement which contains all the key elements that work for me. If I could make good progress towards this, I think I will have done well. Many of these topics require deep thought and investigation. The blog is also good, everyone had something one could hook into.

(M R) I thoroughly enjoyed participating. The areas where I benefited most were:
• The self-evaluation section within section 1 was very useful – made me aware of what I need to focus on going forwards – what I need to change and what I need to keep.
• Letting go emotionally has been very helpful –“ celebrating letting go” was a new concept for me – it seems to be working so far and I am excited about that. Some of the reading and talks have been excellent.
• Visioning for retirement in section 3 – also very good – made me think of a number of issues, which I may otherwise have overlooked
• What will be my legacy and creating my own personal bucket list were very helpful

Overall I think the project is great and I enjoyed participating in it.

(B B) I am thankful that I had the opportunity to participate in this programme. It has pretty much covered everything I expected. It has also highlighted areas where I need to place more emphasis

(W L) A really thought provoking project on retirement…. what it did for me was to force me to ‘verbalise’ some of the thoughts I have around my retirement and I can use this as guidance going forward, to be adjusted from time to time. Really enjoyed the process … sometimes a bit uncomfortable but as they say that is when you learn the most … even about yourself! Thanks for the constructive feedback and putting this programme together.

(R K) I certainly have found thinking about the different factors/topics very useful, and most definitely challenging (and in places quite demanding), and they will be a constant source of inspiration and reference for me. It is clear that retirement needs to be more than just about making financial provision for an “adequate income” (whatever that might be) in retirement years.