A road map to help you prepare physically and mentally for Eldering in Retirement and Old Age. Where you have the time and experience to make a difference in the world

Throughout our lives we have grown with change; retirement and old age is a period of rapid, sometimes traumatic change.

Our biggest challenge is to find purpose and meaning in a ‘retirement’ that lasts for 25 years. It’s not openly stated to our face, but the image of old age is that we are “old dodderers” and our usefulness on the planet is over.

But, we have knowledge, skills, experience – and wisdom! Just because we have turned 65 and beyond, why would we think that that has no value? Our ‘retirement’ gives us the opportunity, and the time, to pursue our “passion” – and we have the abilities to serve our community, our society and our planet to make them better places? We have the opportunity to take our place as Elders.

When we look at the litany of horrors that we Baby-Boomers have unleashed upon the world, it raises the question “Where were our Elders? The fact that our obsession with youth and our disdain for the elderly coincided with the rape of the planet suggests that the Elder role is not only valuable, but is essential for the future well-being of mankind. Now that’s an ‘old age’ role to blow your hair back!

To fulfill that role we need to take care of ourselves. Our physical and mental health, our connections with friends and family, where we live, our lifestyles – will all impact on what we want to do. A fulfilling, enjoyable old age isn’t going to happen just by itself – you have to create it and The Elder’s Journey is offered to help you do that!

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